Jose Mendoza

Jose Mendoza

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Neil Patel

“Jose is one of the best designers I know. He produces good work all the time.”

Co-Founder of Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg

Andrew Warner

“I got a shiver of excitement while looking at Jose’s work. Holy crap he’s talented. He helped elevate our brand, gave our students a better user experience, and made sure we got an ROI on the marketing projects he worked on.”

Founder of Mixergy and Bot Academy

Lars Lofgren

“While I ran the Growth team at IWT, I took every opportunity I could to work with Jose and try out his ideas. I was never disappointed. For anyone looking to increase their conversions, Jose is the guy you want to work with.”

Director of Growth at IWT

Bob Rains

“Jose is my go to guy. I can hand him a project knowing that he will deliver above expectations. Jose is one of the more valuable assets I keep in my pocket. Don't hire him, please!”

SEO Executive, Brand Marketer, Growth Marketing Strategist

Sandeep Mittal

“Jose is an incredibly talented UI/UX designer — He and I successfully worked together at IWT to visualize and design the user experience for multi-million dollar products — from idea to live product.”

Head of Product at IWT

Jeffrey Maganis

“Jose analyzed our e-commerce site. He quickly turned around a list of changes. We implemented his recommendations and saw immediate results.”

Co-Founder of Crowdcreate

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